It’s another brilliant month of sketch and character comedy for you, hosted as ever by the lovely Real MacGuffins and featuring some of the most sought-after acts on the comedy circuit. Like what? Like who? Like these:


 Henry Von Stifle comedy act

People really love him, I don’t really know why, but while they do I will always find something for him to do in one of my shows – David Allison This Is Your Laugh

Delivers hilarious erudite impropriety with skill and style and has audiences in stitches from the start – Comedy Sketchbox

Back with a bang – ADAM LAWRENCE

Adam Lawrence

“Original and brilliant” ★★★★★ THREE WEEKS

“Razor-sharp” ★★★★★ THE STAGE

All the Lawrences – HAISTE AND LAWRENCE

Haiste and Lawrence comedy act

“the humour works wonders… a supersonic riot!” ★ ★ ★ ★ BROADWAY BABY

“…rising stars Greg Haiste and Marie Lawrence muck around with impressive gusto…” THE SKINNY

Big laughs with new act – MASSIVE DAD

 massive dad comedy slovenian sketch act

“Better than sex” (a guy off Twitter none of us knew apart from Tessa, so it wasn’t biased)

“You guys were really funny” (A girl at Kentish Town tube station)

Edinburgh Best Newcomer Nominee – BEN TARGET

Ben Target comedy award winning comedian

“A hugely gifted prop comic whose shows are in equal parts delightful and unsettling” GUARDIAN

“What a gem Target is… probably the most original, the most over-wrought and most audacious to be seen at the Fringe” ★★★★★ BROADWAY BABY

“This is certainly an experience like no other” ★★★★★ THREE WEEKS

Online comedy princes – KING DREDGE

king dredge comedy, youtube comedy

Visit their facebook page to check out this double act actually in action: 

Tickets on sale now! See links at top of page. From various outlets with various deals including drinks, burgers, shots and more – everything you need on Tuesday night!