The Real MacGuffins are guesting on this fun computer game comedy night.

The TOTAL SELL OUT SHOW from the 2013 EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL returns to London yet again for its monthly residency! Nerds, Assemble…


“Ridiculously fun, whether you’re a gaming nerd or not” – Time Out

Love videogames? Love comedy? This’ll mash both together! Sound good? Then you’re probably a nerd. But so are we, so come to this! It is FOR. YOU. It’ll be like GamesMaster off the telly, but in a cupboard. 

There’ll be comedians performing gaming-based comedy stand-up/sketches/songs to make you nerdgasm, as well as battling on classic videogames for Team McNeil (winners) and Team Pamphilon (losers). Each round, the loser will do some horrible punishment which’ll make us regret organising this in the first place. And you’ll all get to play too! What’s not to like?! 

“Hilarious” (The Guardian)
“An unusually high standard of innovation” (The List)
“Wonderfully funny” (Time Out)
“Lively and ambitious” (The Times)
“Destined for great things” (Fest)
Seen on BBC1, BBC3, MTV and heard on BBC Radio 4 and E4’s Podcalf.